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3 Copywriting Tips That Skyrocket E-commerce Sales

Copywriting is what sells your products and services. It is crafted in the best way possible so that potential customers turn into paying ones. The difference between lackluster sales and extraordinary ones usually comes down to how good your copy is. To help you skyrocket your e-commerce sales, here are some of the best copywriting tips you can start applying right now.

Map Out and Develop Audience Personas

Before you get started with e-commerce copywriting, you should know who your customers are. This will involve collecting data about them. The more, the better. This data can come from questionnaires, keyword analytics, and other sources.

When you are mapping out and developing audience personas, you will find it best to first create one that reflects your main audience, followed by one that represents your secondary audience. Make sure you are writing down what their goals are, as well as how they can fulfill them. This information will assist you in gaining clarity on what your audience’s needs and wants are, and then satisfying them.

Types of Personas

Based on data gleaned from countless e-commerce businesses already, four different kinds of customer personas have been identified. You will quickly notice that your customers will fit nicely into one of these four types. Depending on what persona they are, different kinds of copy will work better in persuading them to buy something from you.

Rational Persona

Someone who falls into the Rational Persona category will be very logical and interested in the details of how something works. They will spend an extended amount of time studying the product or service before pulling the trigger to buy it.

The Rational Personal will probably check out your competitors to see if they can find a better deal somewhere else. On average, around half of your audience will fit into the Rational Personal box. That means you can first write your copy with this audience in mind. When writing for this persona, go heavy on specific features and in-depth details about how the product works. You’ll want to avoid talking in a vague or overly salesy way.

Thoughtful Persona

Next, we have the Thoughtful Persona. This is a person who cares deeply about others and wants to help them. One of the first things they will do when visiting your website is head over to the About Us page. They want to get a good idea of your company’s mission and vision. Roughly 15%-20% of people could fall under the Thoughtful Personal umbrella.

What this persona focuses on is the information regarding how what you are selling will benefit someone else. That means your copywriting should focus on the positive impact on the environment or society your products have. You could even go into how ethical your supply chain is, along with the environmentally-friendly measures you have taken.

Hasty Persona

The third type of audience persona there is would be the Hasty Persona. This is someone who doesn’t mull something over for too long before making a decision. They are impulse buyers who don’t mind taking a bit of risk, and are optimistic as well. What they will look at when considering a purchase are the benefits. Around a third of people will be in this category.

What works best on this persona is the heavy use of flowery imagery and so-called “power words” that evoke a commanding presence (more on those later). You could frame the description of your product into a story format since it is well-received by this group.

Self-Improvement Persona

The fourth audience persona is the Self-Improvement Persona. These people maintain a high standard when it comes to morals and virtues. This also happens to be the smallest segment of your audience, generally around 5%-7%. This person enjoys getting to know the technology that makes your product tick, particularly in regards to improving performance in some way.

You will want to focus your copywriting on mentioning how your product helps them improve. They are always looking to become better versions of themselves, and will appreciate you giving some backstory on your brand’s roots for added credibility.

Pepper in “Power Words”

As humans, we are emotional creatures who get swayed easily when our heartstrings are pulled. That makes using certain words more effective at selling than others. These are called power words and will boost your sales conversion rates.

Some of the most popular power words in copywriting are:

  • Hurry
  • Now
  • Limited
  • Final
  • Expires
  • Guarantee
  • Proven
  • Genuine

Whenever you use power words, you are eliciting a strong emotional response within the reader. The fact that these words are not used that often among people on a daily basis packs an even greater punch when they are used.

True to their name, they are very powerful. This means that using too many of them can result in the opposite effect of what you’re looking for. You want to just create enough of an emotional response within your audience so they don’t realize you are trying to sell them something. Even if people want to buy a product, they don’t want to feel like they were coaxed into doing so.

Optimize Your Copy’s Formatting

People will seldom read every word you write. In fact, they are most likely to scan what they see and hone in on certain areas of the page. Using heat maps, studies have found that most people follow an F-shaped pattern when reading e-commerce copywriting. This means they begin to reach the words at the top-left of the page. Next, they read across the screen towards the right before moving their focus down the page.

Given this F-shaped reading pattern being very prevalent, it would be best to write the most important information at the start of your copy. Also, use two columns to display all of the relevant information. The left-hand column could include an image of the product while the right-hand column has the specific details about the product you want to share.


Copywriting can skyrocket e-commerce sales when done right. When you use the copywriting tips in this article to your copy, you can be sure to see a noticeable improvement in your sales conversions. Great copy takes practice, and the more you match it to the primary audience personas your business has, the higher you will see your sales rise.

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