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Part 1. Shopify – the platform for you?

We live in exciting times, entrepreneurialism is all around us. It breathes life into small communities and big cities alike. Whether you’re interested in the side hustle, lifestyle business or to secure your future, there’s no time like the present to start to pursue your goals and ambitions. With so many options available which platform should you invest in? Below I will outline two of the key benefits of Shopify & how we as Shopify Experts can help you. Stay tuned for further posts which will delve into other benefits in more detail.

Shopify the platform for entrepreneurs?

Shopify started life in 2004 by Tobias Lutke who wanted to build an ecommerce store for a new snowboard business. Back in 2004, we had significant barriers to entry when starting an ecommerce business. If you did not know how to code yourself then you needed to partner with someone who did which was very often a restricting cost for budding entrepreneurs. Tobias was lucky, because he knew how to code so he built some software which would make his life easier to run his ecommerce store. Very quickly he realised the value he had created – if he sold the software he had created to others who want to start a store then he could have a business far more profitable than selling snowboards.

This is how Shopify started, a platform to help people start a business. Thankfully this is true of Shopify today. It is a platform that has not lost it’s mantra and is setup in a way to help any new entrepreneur break into the global marketplace. How is this made possible? Read further below:

Shopify Themes

Shopify uses a language called Liquid, a proprietary language which is unique in that it can speak to the Shopify system and pull the relevant information & present lovely HTML for us to view in our internet browsers.


This is amazing, because well written liquid files can be reused and purchased when starting up your store. There are some free themes which you can choose from with limited functionality and there are also themes you can purchase from Shopify here or from third parties – checkout Theme Forest.


With so many amazingly well designed & powerful themes out there you already have a leg up in getting your store looking awesome. We advise you to try this out yourself! Start up a Shopify trial here and try your hand at designing your own store. We also know that this can be a daunting task and that’s where we can help at EBIZBIZ. Our in house designers & development experts can assist you in building your store at as low cost as possible. If you can’t work something out, you need something done which your theme cannot offer or you just want expert help from the outset then reach out here.

Shopify Appstore

Shopify has an App Store! That’s right, just like on your iPhone or Android. The reason Shopify has an App Store is because although Shopify can do a lot, it can’t do everything. So imagine you’re planning to open a nail salon and you want to take bookings on your store or you have a large warehouse and you need a complicated inventory management system, people have created apps to help which work with Shopify which may offer a solution.

So, if you’re looking to do something a little unconventional on your store – it is very, very likely that someone has already created an app for it. You can have a look and search through the Shopify App Store here.

There’s a lot of apps out there, and some need configuration to work with your theme and others may just be hard to find. If you’re finding it difficult then reach out to us! We have an extensive knowledge of the App Store and are able to point you in the right direction and set up the app for you. Alternatively, if the app does not already exist then we can have a custom app designed and built for you. Get in touch with us here.


Shopify Login Part 2. Shopify – the platform for you?

This series of article is for you; the budding entrepreneur who might be trying to choose an ecommerce platform or the serial entrepreneur